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  1. Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records!
  2. Navy Contradicts Kerry on Release of Military Records
  3. Adoptasniper.org UPDATE: *Please read if you'd like to contribute to care package*
  4. Olsen Twins Promote McDonald's Meals? :discombobulated:
  5. Cheney: Economic Stats Miss EBay Sales
  6. Who should have health insurance...
  7. Glad I'm not in Alabama...
  8. Death Penalty
  9. Rathergate: I hope Rathers burns for this... (thread updated with findings)
  10. Regarding Kerry's strategy...
  11. If anyone wants a .50 cal rifle, get one soon! (banned!)
  12. Something dub2w, psoper and constellation can't do in California anymore...
  13. Your burqa must this long to get on this ride
  14. johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway
  15. Kerry comparison- What do we think?
  16. Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service
  17. Look no further, all the election info you need!
  18. This is why Bush will win.
  19. "not all Muslims are terrorists...but almost all terrorists are Muslims"
  20. Kerry Hints GOP May Suppress Black Votes? :aghast:
  21. Did you miss me?
  22. Should Pot be legal?
  23. We're Sorry for 9-11
  24. Where's the U.N.?
  25. NASA b0rked another one...
  26. More evidence out on Bush sketchy military record
  27. Another great dailyshow vid
  28. Assult weapons ban expired?
  29. Bush's botched environmental policies
  30. Cheney warns of more terrorist attacks...
  31. The try and spin dr3 into the thought police thread
  32. Carter rips Miller on convention speech
  33. That Bushy sure knows how to speak!!
  34. Argument for internment camps is bunkz0r
  35. Is Dr3 the liberal thought police?
  36. Interesting article on chechnya
  37. Iraq Reminder
  38. Bill Clinton to meet his Maker?
  39. Political spoof- great flash movie
  40. oh this is a good video
  41. Anyone watch the movie hero?
  42. 1800 arrests and counting..
  43. They're dropping like flies - another politician out of the closet (or not?)
  44. Was Kerry set up to fail? (Ms.Clinton conspiracy theory)
  45. 20 Questions that Kerry needs to answer
  46. Republicans initiate SHOCK and AWE on Liberal Filth!
  47. Animal Cruelty
  48. BUSH is flip-flopping
  49. NAACP supports crime at State Fair
  50. Kerry campaign- Republican checkmate!
  51. :( this is horrible (terrorists holding kids hostage in russia)
  52. To MVWRX
  53. To Salty
  54. Move over Helladumb...
  55. "Patriots"
  56. What is "too wealthy"?
  57. Purple-heart bandages a faux paux?
  58. Kerry took money from communist China?
  59. Protestors in NY
  60. Boos that rocked the Kerry daughters
  61. Kerry SS citation a 'total mystery' to John Lehman
  62. But we hate America too, remember terrorists?!
  63. I found this article somewhat humorous
  64. Wow...
  65. BREAKING NEWS: CA Congress just passed a bill to let illegals get Drivers Licenses
  66. Isreali spy at highest level sof pentago (could have influenced policy)
  67. Shadowy Govt?
  68. Kerry on the Daily show (vid)
  69. Bush Admits Post-War Miscalculation
  70. Kerry's Brilliant Idea
  71. Illegals are a fiscal drain.
  72. Big Stink at Vote for Change tour...
  73. HUGE California garage sale
  74. Bush & McCain working together to put restrictions on 527's
  75. Talk to me about taxes.
  76. Play Kerry's Tax Invaders...
  77. What kind of Kittens are those?
  78. hmm the weatherman says the RNC should be a massacre..
  79. Why do dems seem to like John McCain?
  80. Putting the religious right into the right perspective
  81. You know Kerry's stance now- Amazing process!!!!
  82. This is why i don't play airsoft
  83. Talk about a slap in the face...
  84. Bush Lawyer Quits Re-Election Campaign
  85. watch this and tell me what you think..
  86. Follow the $$...
  87. Bush tactics repeated
  88. Two russian airliners crash
  89. Fact check analyses political ads from both sides...
  90. The Peterson Trail *deep sigh*
  91. And this is how we handle sassy 16yr old girls and their "sharp tongues"
  92. What do you want from the Gov't?
  93. Remember the blowhards at the DNC?
  94. Buchanan lays it on thick like gravy in new book
  95. Bush condemns Swifties
  96. Memo: Outlandishly silly threads
  97. So I tied the knot this weekend...
  98. new political movie
  99. Say goodbye to your overtime pay...
  100. stop FCC
  101. Troll Hall in Politics Forum?
  102. BUSH vs BUSH
  103. Would it matter if we used a mini-nuke on the shrine?
  104. Christian teachers rap Bush on ethics
  105. Iraqi soccer team speaks out against bush tv spot
  106. Should Kerry just give up now, or defer his humilitation?
  107. Socialized medicine -or- Survival
  108. Iraq 1, Muqtada al-Sadr 0 (NOT surprised that most of you aren't talking about this)
  109. No State Funding for Bay Bridge
  110. Slap on the wrist for our buddies at Halliburton
  111. Bay Area to build major casino?
  112. So you've all memorized the anti-bush sites...here's the other side!
  113. Where Do y'all stand on pr0n?
  114. Gap between the rich and the poor
  115. Is global warming for real?
  116. Name Pending, Name Pending...
  117. Attn: constellation
  118. Social security isn't set up to get out what you put in
  119. Do you guys want me to take a time-out?
  120. Payback is a biiiiiiiiiaaaaaaatch!
  121. The Motorcycle Diaries
  122. i-Robot in US fatigues
  123. Non-Arab recruits scout for al-Qaeda
  124. Build a Better Bush!
  125. Military and Iraqi officials plan to rid of the Fallujah Brigade
  126. Do you expect anything to happen at the RNC? UPDATE: My predictions & betting pool.
  127. Bad Troll
  128. When can i get my hands on this?
  129. Yet another leftwinger circle jerk email
  130. Declaration of Independence
  131. Puerto Rico, should we keep on supporting them?
  132. The other voice of Christianity
  133. Should people on welfare be allowed to vote?
  134. Did you used to have completely different political views?
  135. Liberal fudge packer comes clean + other political stuff
  136. Thousands of Iranians Protest U.S. Actions in Iraq
  137. Islam's Culture of Death (an article)
  138. Forum participation
  139. Thoughts on this quote
  140. Iraq Stuns Portugal in Men's Soccer
  141. Bush blew it the morning of 9/11
  142. New Jersey Gov drops bombshell
  143. For waging a war that can't be won...
  144. Let's make our terrorism response known
  145. White House West [will ferrell vid]
  146. Take that al qaeda!
  147. Now that the the cold war has ended.....Does anyone care about the Olympic Games?
  148. Breastfeeding Moms Hold 'Nurse-In' at Starbucks
  149. Bush Suckerpunch
  150. Proof there is no God.
  151. A tribute to Bill Clinton's foreign policy..
  152. Immigrants, driver's licenses and security
  153. Let's seriously talk about the Sacramento Kings.
  154. A book i thought i would share with you guys
  155. Uh, sovernty...sovern...er.....
  156. Reporter Held in Contempt in CIA Leak Case
  157. Rightwinger chain email (oh this will be good)
  158. What you can do to Help! Please read..
  159. Master plan from "the man" to keep immigrants in the fields?
  160. Why is this man still alive?
  161. Happy 60th
  162. Checkmate
  163. Get your bias-free news here!
  164. D-Day coverage from todays media
  165. Iraq Shuts Al-Jazeera Baghdad Office for a Month
  166. Muslim Orgs say Statue of Liberty Showing too much skin!
  167. Woman Fired For Eating 'Unclean' Meat
  168. US gives protected status to Iranian terrorists
  169. There's a fine line between decency and free speech
  170. from yahoo top emailed photos
  171. My name's Olmek and I like to smoke poll!
  172. Well i cant say it any better then Bush did.
  173. Kerry likes to FLIP FLOP
  174. Link to Farenheit 9/11 [bit torrent]
  175. Vets charge: Kerry killed fleeing teen; lied for medal.
  176. Still think there's no WMDs
  177. A democracy is always temporary in nature
  178. Downed Uh-1 and an example of liberal media bias.
  179. So you were right... Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Terrorists
  180. What will happen if Bush is re-elected?
  181. Maybe if i put on my best pouty face they'll let me off easy?
  182. Is voting for Nader a bad thing?
  183. Question on edumication for you college folk...
  184. Man shot himself to avoid draft...
  185. Thoughts on this picture? (inspired by dr3)
  186. No boost for Kerry after convention
  187. Internment camps for Muslims.. why not?
  188. Financial Institutions Targeted
  189. Check this out
  190. Jean Kerrie, Je T'Aime!
  191. CA and smog test equipment
  192. The "dry run" article
  193. Do we know where Osama is hiding?
  194. Thoughts on this picture?
  195. Bush blair gay bar video
  196. Pictures from iraq thread (may contain graphic images)
  197. Kerry camp comes out swinging? (interesting read)
  198. If this is true it would explain alot
  199. Am i the only one bothered by this?
  200. Funny video
  201. Minister of fear
  202. Kerry's Speech
  203. There seems to be some confusion... *updated Anti-Kerry video from same vet group*
  204. Why is America #1?
  205. Link to outfoxed (the fox documentary)
  206. Kerry Reenacted war scenes in Vietnam?
  207. Moore film an insult to nation, victims of 9/11 attacks
  208. The score is: Maj. Gregory McMillion 0, USAF 1.
  209. Our Goal
  210. Moore vs. O'Reilly (O'Reilly is teh winnar!)
  211. Class action lawyer... good or bad for Kerry?
  212. Tucker Carlson is a ****rag
  213. Hatriotism & Michael Moore
  214. Bush is the modern Lincoln?
  215. Democratic National Convention
  216. Web site
  217. Iraq Road Rage
  218. Child support for donating sperm?!one!1!1
  219. Stay Alert, Stay Alive!
  220. You have GOT to be kidding me...
  221. Good listen for you religious people
  222. screw shooting, just pay the ****s
  223. Saddam eating cookies and a Kurd at the prison speaks against him... (good times)
  224. Protester VS. well... Protester :-/
  225. DNC Schedule
  226. Bush a hypnotic master?
  227. The funnay
  228. Watch this movie and post your thoughts on it
  229. Would you vote for a man...
  230. This Just In - Documents Show Berger Nixed Attacks On Bin Laden
  231. Legalized Murder
  232. Bigger breasts offered as perk to soldiers
  233. Dem Party Blow-out: Clambake At Ted's, Private Briefing From Bill, Cocktails With Ben
  234. The 9/11 Commission Report is now in print.
  235. There will never be another "Great Leader".
  236. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
  237. John Kerry will make a horible president
  238. GW Bush is the worst president ever
  239. Some terrorist groups aren't the brightest..
  240. The "struggle" (or lack thereof)
  241. Clinton Advisor, Sandy Berger, took important terror memo's?
  242. Bush VS Kerry (game)
  243. Bin Laden's Half Brother disprove's Moore
  244. It's a holy war you idiot...
  245. video - alot of people dying
  246. Gov Arnie has at it / The Truth Hurts *merged thread*
  247. This ones for Dr3
  248. Second Amendment - Where do you stand?
  249. Right wing plot
  250. R T F M