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  1. Soldier Says 'Back-Door Draft' Being Used Illegally
  2. The end of our democracy is near!
  3. The Real Reason Why Bush Won!
  4. Suprise of the century!!!
  5. pwn3d
  6. Great new way to protest and shoot your mouth off
  7. Good Read, re: Voter Motivation
  8. One ugly battle lost -- good read.
  9. Some 10,000 Troops Amass Around Fallujah for an expected assault
  10. Our Voting System Sucks!!!
  11. air force ask for 7.5 million to study psychic teleportation
  12. Poll: What motivated people to vote for Bush?
  13. Those Who Voted for Bush May Be In for a Big Surprise
  14. Attn Helladumb
  15. The brits view of the election outcome...
  16. Where's this Divided Country I keep hearing about?
  17. Why I think it was a mistake....
  18. Hahaha, ain't it the truth.
  19. The new njc200
  20. Of course this comes out after Nov. 2
  21. The contradictions forced by the two party system
  22. Come on, admit it...
  23. South Park predicted the election!
  24. Where's my BEER?!
  25. Thought this was kind of interesting
  26. One good thing about Bush winning . . .
  27. Anyone know if...
  28. Intresting read...
  29. Disgruntled Democrats seeking a safe Canadian haven
  30. Classy Move by Kerry
  31. World Leaders Sound off on the result
  32. The breakdown in perspective & predictions.
  33. Voting Fraud!
  34. A great day for America!
  35. Attn: America
  36. let me get a pad and paper....
  37. My last prediction...
  38. NBC projected Bush wins
  39. Well
  40. 4 more votes, for four more years!!!!!
  41. Zogby's predictions
  42. Who do you like other than Bush/Kerry?
  43. ****SEE THE RACE RESULTS AS THEY HAPPEN****- good link:
  44. Bush opens a fresh can of whoop-ass on Fallujah!
  45. The Official I Voted Thread
  46. I voted at 7 am when the polls opened and.....
  47. VOTE HERE. who'd you vote for?
  48. Official Election Day Poll
  49. Vote Today! Your Vote Counts!
  50. Do Osama a favor and vote for Kerry.
  51. It's official. 4 MORE YEARS!!!
  52. Who said this?
  53. Democrat- the party of Michael Moore
  54. Election prediction
  55. Say "Bye Bye" to half your pay if Kerry wins:
  56. Incumbent has followed 'Skins' lead since '36
  57. Now its starts coming how he let Bin Laden get away....
  58. Secretary of State Colin Powell has privately confided...
  59. When will we nuke Iran? I say today.
  60. Bush's "One finger victory salute"...
  61. Conservative Case Against BushJr
  62. This pretty much explains everything
  63. If there was a civil war between liberals....
  64. Al Jazzera to post new Osama video
  65. Is the call-to-action of muslims a case for profiling?
  66. So when Kerry concedes, will y'all have a drink with me?
  67. Curt Schilling Voting for Bush
  68. w00t! We're #14!! Take that Pennsylvania!!
  69. Campaign '04: "Pictures" speak a thousand words...
  70. "Bush-Unfit for Command"
  71. They are in direct violation of UN resolutions and someone must take action!
  72. FBI probes Pentagon over Halliburton deals
  73. Police: Bush Supporter Imprisons Kerry-Supporting Girlfriend
  74. Eminem's voting message (video)
  75. Tax cuts: A Simple Lesson In Economics
  76. Making Sense of the Iraq War
  77. The only way Republicans can win because of minorities
  78. Arafat assassination attempt?
  79. Commercials urging you to rock the vote?
  80. US sponsored Terrorism (for subaruguru)
  81. Funniest campaign ad ever? You be the judge.
  82. Pulling away from all this political talk (which is giving me a headache) to say...
  83. This is ridiculous...
  84. Study Suggests Media Favored Kerry in First Two Weeks of October
  85. U.S. to blame for 50 Iraqi Soldier Deaths
  86. New Florida Scandal Feared
  87. Swift vet ads. Do you watch them?
  88. Israel to pull out of West Bank
  89. 60 Minutes planned Bush's missing explosive story for election eve...
  90. American conservitive Magazine Endorses Kerry
  91. Will Iraq ever be truely "free"?
  92. The Miss Education of Republicans..
  93. First Bin Ladin now this...
  94. Californian voter information to help you decide
  95. Embarrased Cher and O'Donnell speak at anti-Bush rally held at nearly vacant clubs.
  96. Bush is increasing the number of anti-American muslims
  97. Stolen Honor (video)
  98. Bush signs $140b tax cut.
  99. Pirates & Emperors
  100. US Allies won't support Kerry...
  101. Bush Supporters don't know what they're candidate even stands for
  102. What are you?
  103. Female soldiers eyed for combat
  104. An Educational Filmstrip
  105. Castro's Trippin'
  106. Triumph the insult dog at the debates - classic!
  107. SUV Tax incentive ending.
  108. How will the dirty libs respond to a landslide defeat?
  109. Isn't Bush so SMART!
  110. My new shirt.
  111. I'm Seeing Michael Moore Speak Tomorrow
  112. Yasser Arafat wants John Kerry to win.
  113. This certainly won't help Kerry get the alpha-male vote.
  114. Jon Stewart calling the Crossfire guy a D!CK on his own show!!
  115. The way the Britsh do it!!
  116. Those damn liberals saying we are less safe thanks to Bush DAMN THEM!!
  117. Kerry-Edwards: 'Florida Victory 2004' manual?
  118. Damn those rich Republicans and their tax breaks!11!!1!
  119. More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Democrats
  120. The last 4 years in retrospect
  121. Putin- Bush defeat would help terrorists
  122. Hate freedom? Vote Bush! ;)
  123. Gi's refuse to drive unarmored trucks
  124. Meet James Hart for Congress
  125. Florida Election Rigging
  126. I allways thought bush was a bit off.. haha
  127. Pete Coors Campiagn Commercial
  128. Jon Stewart KILLING the guys at crossfire
  129. Somalia asks for peacekeepers
  130. KRS-1, wtf...WTF.
  131. Study Finds Abortion Rising Under Bush
  132. Democrats push draft on Bush... again.
  133. Republican Fiscal Sanity (oxymoron)
  134. Team America: World Police
  135. Why did Kerry's Mom emphasize integrity?
  136. 25 Chechen terrorists may have illegally entered the United States via Mexico
  137. O'Reilly Hit With Sexual Harassment Suit
  138. Final Debate Tonight
  139. Recent Edwards speech in Wisconsin has made voters furious.
  140. CIA Holds Top Al Qaeda Suspects in Jordan
  141. School Board Bans Yearbook Photo Of Student Posing With Shotgun
  142. Democrats Inflaming Racial Tensions Again
  143. It's been confirmed that France truly sucks.
  144. Proven Track Record
  145. Edwards Stem Cell Vision
  146. 7 U.S. Groups Ask U.N. for Vote Observers.
  147. Islamic Nigerian courts sentenced two women to death by stoning
  148. McCain-Giuliani '08
  149. Bush's Wood
  150. Kerry documentary- Is the truth anti-Kerry?
  151. Scouring the news...for info on OLMEK
  152. Flordia OKs online voting - sample ballot inside
  153. "When this election's over, you'll see us move very vigorously"
  154. Al-Sadr Loyalists Turning in Weapons
  155. Anyone have FahrenHYPE 9/11 ???
  156. Educational Song (NWS language)
  157. Afghan Election Fraud?
  158. Polls Open in Afghanistan Election
  159. Bush VS. Kerry Round 2
  160. Kerry leads Bush in AP poll
  161. Just saw Outfoxed
  162. One shortcoming of Liberalism
  163. Bush, Cheney concede that there was never any WMDs
  164. It took 4 years for Dems to Concede Loss
  165. David Horowitz and Richard Poe: 'The Shadow Party'
  166. Michael Moore illegally offered food and clothing for votes
  167. Germany's Intel Officer reveals Osama info
  168. The CIA WMD testimony (you really need to read this)
  169. Missile Balloons!
  170. Memory loss- sign of senility?
  171. Draft thread to end all draft questions
  172. Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry
  173. Fact Checking with uncle dick
  174. Abandon ship -or- unusual strategy
  176. Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels in Iraq
  177. Rumsfeld admits he garnished the facts
  178. Huge news IF verified as true.
  179. Fair and Balan......ooops..
  180. Fear Mongerers
  181. Bush, Kerry in a draw, poll says
  182. "No props, notes . . . or other tangible things may be brought into the debate."
  183. Why are we paying for the Missions?
  184. "Global Test"
  185. Veteran's Group Endorses Kerry
  186. Kerry = Nixon?
  187. The candidates in drag
  188. Kerry talks about pre-emptive strike...on North Korea
  189. Good afternoon, Salty!!
  190. DNC Video: The Faces of Frustration & GOP Video: Kerry vs. Kerry
  191. Kerry or Bush??
  192. What are you looking forward to more? The Election, Halo2, or?
  193. Kerry won the debate that hasn't happened yet
  194. AL Gore: How to debate Bush
  195. Will Ferrell's good ol ACT spoof
  196. Johnny Walker Lindh
  197. Growing Pessimism on Iraq
  198. So the insurgents are the freedom fighters, right?
  199. The John-o-Lantern
  200. Iranian & Iraqi Citizens Trash Fahrenheit 9/11
  201. Rebel Cities to Be Retaken in October *UPDATE:The Groundbreaking offensive has begun*
  202. Yemen Sentences Two to Death for USS Cole Blast
  203. The "GREAT" debate....
  204. No love in his home town...
  205. Who let Carter out of his cage?
  206. "George W. Bush is a seagull president..."
  207. Top al Qaida operative, Amjad Hussain Farooqi is dead.
  208. Iraq is Not Vietnam, It's Guadalcanal
  209. Bush lowers standards and decides to take one for the team.
  210. Osama Probably Alive, in Pakistan, Top Officials Say
  211. Voting at the polls, or by absentee ballot?
  212. Education and its cost.
  213. Iran: things aren't looking good.
  214. UK Muslims Head for Baghdad to Plea for Hostage (rant included)
  215. CA approves toughest smog laws
  216. Our very own Presidential Poll
  217. No draft, you say? Look what quietly sneaking thru Congress...
  218. Hypothetical- What would you rather have?
  219. Iraq Voting....hmmm and it gets intresting.
  220. The CEO of CBS's parent company, a "liberal Democrat," says he's endorsing Bush
  221. Heinz Kerry predicts Osama's capture
  222. What are your thoughts on "The Fair Tax"?
  223. Shocking Photo's of Bush and Kerry :D
  224. NWS:College Humors Election Erection 04
  225. Allawi Says Democratic Forces Succeeding in Iraq; Kerry: Allawi's Take on Iraq Unreal
  226. Italian women hostages may be dead
  227. Airport screeners missed weapons and explosives
  228. Kerry: Draft Likely to Return Under Bush
  229. As election day approaches........
  230. Iran Defies UN on Converting Uranium; Israel seeks US bunker bombs
  231. Cash-Strapped Pentagon Taps Emergency Fund
  232. Terrorist leader released
  233. the brilliance of beheading.
  234. The Former Cat Stevens Gets Plane Diverted
  235. Positive article about Iraq.
  236. Salty check this out
  237. Crude Oil Is About $60 A Barrel
  238. You can do better than that, waffler!
  239. God's economy of giving: Send Money and See Riches!
  240. Here's one for you Salty;
  241. Kerry's gonna fix the economy?!
  242. Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq
  243. Terrorists: FYI, Russia is coming for you.
  244. Operation i-club.com care package *PLEASE READ*
  245. www.lp.org
  246. "Bush's 7 Deadly Sins" [Environmental Record]
  247. What guns should i buy when i get to MD?
  248. GW causes economic turmoil and hurricanes.
  249. Unease Shadows Bush's Optimism in Iraq
  250. Polls for Bush looking stronger