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  1. Couldn't have said it any better (racially related)
  2. This is what high school kids read
  3. Leland + Chow = Modern Day American Gangster?
  4. What a Waste?
  5. Yosemite closed please explain?
  6. Leaked info
  7. Peace out Hugo
  8. Overrated College Degrees
  9. Thank you all for your service, active military and veterans
  10. Thomas Jefferson said...
  11. Stop CA Senate Bill SB249
  12. Money, Power, and Wallstreet
  13. Obama says get married!
  14. Rant on fat people...
  15. Stop SOPA and PIPA
  16. A must watch OCCUPY wall street
  17. Occupy UC Davis
  18. Occupy CAL!
  19. Occupy LA!
  20. Conspiracy guys will love this
  21. I vote for Ron Paul 2012.
  22. En garde! Touche! Obama pulls the Long Form Cert out!
  23. Obama just spoke to America about Lybia...
  24. Obama keeps Gitmo open!
  25. Allstar Tech Cast /w Obama
  26. New edition of 'Huckleberry Finn' to lose the 'n' word
  27. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki rips the FED
  28. If Government Does X, It's called Y
  29. So Congress scares Amazon off linking Wikileaks...
  30. From WikiChina
  31. N. Korea drops some artillery
  32. The guy from boston! you have got to see this guy
  33. Whitman or Brown? Why?
  34. Fired for saying "Muslim Garb"
  35. WOW pretty bad in this city
  36. First they came for the communists
  37. Quran or Kuran?
  38. Prop 19
  39. Mandatory life without parole 4 sex crimes against children.
  40. Interviews with participants of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally
  41. I Want Your Money!!!
  42. A Gay Bar Next To Ground Zero Mosque To Cater To “Islamic Gay Men”
  43. brings me to tears
  44. 2nd amendment applys to all states!
  45. Nebraska votes to ban illegals
  46. "White Man" on the loose, "Muslim Man" caught
  47. Wear The Flag, get sent home.
  48. I support Arizona's Law... and I absolutely don't understand the argument against it.
  49. Do democrats, Atheists Have Higher IQs?
  50. teabonics
  51. Health Care Reform on the way!
  52. Iran supplying weapons to Taliban in Afghanistan
  53. Dutch government is stupid
  54. More proof that man kind is doomed....
  55. Even the Richest of Democrats avoid their own laws...?!
  56. Miss me yet?
  57. "budget surplus"
  58. how does this work?
  59. Thanks, but no thanks, Obama.
  60. RIP Howard Zinn; his final words on Obama.
  61. State of the Union
  62. Bible references found on defense contractor's products
  63. Anyone else having trouble w/this forum?
  64. Chevy Forester, it's not a mountain goat
  65. HR-615 Require congress to enroll in gov. health care
  66. Copenhagen Treaty
  67. Navy Seals face assualt charges after capturing most wanted terrorist in Iraq
  68. Illegal immigrant takes on U.S. Gov't and wins
  69. UK arrests being made to "expand DNA files"!!!
  70. "The planet is warming" says the "experts"
  71. Leftists get violent during protest.
  72. I'd like to spit in Obama's face for this
  73. Feds move to seize 4 mosques, tower linked to Iran
  74. Barry Stalls...Soldiers Die.
  75. Wo bist Barry??
  76. 12 People Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting
  77. Think Global Warming is a Fraud?
  78. U.S. Army gets a new machine gun
  79. Left vs Right
  80. 2010 California Marriage Protection Act
  81. Capitalism and Communism Look Equally Bad in Prague
  82. Capitalism poof... where is our revolution?
  83. Stocks are up! Everyone cheer? (except people who actually think)
  84. White House Attacking Fox News...
  85. Feds to issue new medical marijuana policy
  86. Story of journalist capture by Taliban and held for 7 months
  87. Dr. Charles Krauthammer on the Summary of Obama...
  88. Obama signs $7.5 Billion Pakistan Aid Bill
  89. U.S. ignored warnings before deadly Afghan attack
  90. U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects
  91. Heroin for Heroin Addicts in Britain!
  92. Pres Barry to increase troops in A-stan
  93. UK: Press press isnt so free
  94. Washington Post proves its irrelevant, crappy.
  95. The Governator wont be getting any for a while
  96. demise of the dollar?
  97. Sell Eggs...Go to Jail!!!
  98. Obama wins Nobel Prize
  99. John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods) Slams Obama care, provides rational alternatives
  100. Letter from a Recon Marine
  101. Afghanistan: Viet Nam, redux?
  102. Oklahoma City bomb tapes appear edited
  103. Obama wants to give $200K to Gadhafi foundations
  104. Hey...Let's Tax the Rich!!!
  105. Obama = robot?
  106. Obama: More school hours
  107. Need Ron Paul say anymore?
  108. New Republic Mag. encourages torture of Zazi
  109. Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border
  110. G20 Protests
  111. More Obama Ridiculousness
  112. 'Diversity czar' takes heat over remarks
  113. Obama's Policies Would Redistribute Nearly $1 Trillion in Wealth Every Year
  114. Obama administration again channels Bush. The Arristocrats!
  115. State of Massachusetts Forced Vaccinations
  116. Len Horowitz files pandemic charges against Rockefeller
  117. Protect Insurance companies
  118. Is it Racism?
  119. good documentary about the market meltdown
  120. Is Barry a Liar?
  121. Islamist gangs use internet to track, kill Iraqi gays
  122. Healthcare reform price tag...
  123. Obama Seeks To Extend Key Patriot Act Provisions
  124. Turbo Rob on 9/11...
  125. Cuban court upholds 2-year sentence for protester
  126. Indiana court: employer must pay for weight-loss surgery
  127. Drunk driving laws.
  128. Ashes, Ashes, they all fall down...
  129. Pandemic Response Bill 2028
  130. Pete Stark (D) "The more we owe, the wealthier we are."
  131. Iran: Islam Supports Torture, Rape of Prisoners
  132. 'We hate the United States'
  133. You can be prosecuted for stuff you do out side of the US
  134. Obama trying to declare 9/11 as "National Day of Service" ?!?
  135. Surprise...Blackwater are hired Assassins
  136. Congressman Brian Baird Gets Pwned.
  137. Though Cash For Clunkers Was Stupid?
  139. Future Honor Killing Vicitm?
  140. Great Canadian Social Health Care!
  141. Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man at Town Hall in Las Vegas
  142. Brad Pitt "No religion, legalizing pot, pro gay marriage"
  143. Wait, there is such a thing as open carry?
  144. Brit Woman GIves Birth on Sidewalk.
  145. First the brits, now the marines?
  146. This is just too rich for words...
  147. End Tax Withholding!
  148. Entitlement Mentality
  149. Another government program "Misled the public"
  150. Exposing the money behind fake "grass roots" anti-healthcare movement
  151. Georgia Guidestones
  152. Explaining what isn't show on main Media...
  153. Ron Paul on Cash For Clunkers!
  154. Nader Was Right: Liberals going nowhere w/Obama
  155. How we spend our time
  156. Venezuela to buy Russian arms, tanks
  157. Feds order California to release 43K inmates
  158. President Obama's VIP healthcare
  159. Mercs Patrolling US Cities?
  160. Rand Paul for Senate! (like father like son)
  161. Those Wacky Caucasians!
  162. Political Spectrum quiz
  163. So california is really pushin' to legalize Marijuana...
  164. Schiff Speaking the Truth
  165. is white pride racist?
  166. "Greenspan Says 2.5% Growth Possible in Third Quarter"
  167. HR 1207 Gaining Momentem
  168. We have 80 billion for war, but no money for the citizens.
  169. Idaho Cops Sodomize Suspect...
  170. 'Cash for clunkers' bashed
  171. Female British police issued headscarves, so as to not offend muslims.
  172. Senate Finance Committee Dropping Dem Health Goals
  173. How many Politics regulars will be attending BAM?
  174. 111yr old WWI Brit Vet dies.
  175. Racist Cop or Racist Prof?
  176. Rasmussen--29%?
  177. Peter Schiff 100% reality on fixing the economy
  178. For the record...
  179. Bill O'Liely just said he doesn't understand what Obama said about healthcare! haha
  180. Barry Announces PedoCare!
  181. US exposure to crisis could top $23 Trillion
  182. U.S. soldier captured by Taliban
  183. Obama says...
  184. Glenn Beck blows up on this dumb ass Democrat about Health care
  185. The fourth estate has crumbled, likely never to return.
  186. When Jews Attack!
  187. Another Suicide Bombing...
  188. Kkk
  189. Finally, some good news...
  190. Obama's science czar suggested compulsory abortion, sterilization
  191. The great stem-cell-research scam
  192. Democrats: Health care is a right
  193. UO Student's Research Tells Us Something We Already Knew
  194. Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez
  195. Obama got elected because of Affirmative Action...
  196. Flag flown upside down as a protest seized by police
  197. Have you ever been offended?
  198. Illegal immigrants Draining State Budget?
  199. "This is our World, This is a black world" Reverse Racism up front and center
  200. why are americans so unhealthy?
  201. Speaking of Unemployment...
  202. DCI admits: CIA has been misleading since 2001
  203. NY Legislators Fire Nearly 200 Workers Over Race
  204. White says Stimulus Failed! Wewt
  205. King Barry violates Constitution?
  206. N. Korea attacks US gov't websites on July 4th
  207. WTF is going on in China?
  208. Robert McNamara Dead at 93
  209. July the 4th, the 56 men. *salutes*
  210. Honduras Supreme Court says NOPE for a return of Zelaya
  211. happy 4th to teh politics crew
  212. The most violent country in Europe
  213. Frank: Spend TARP profits before taxpayers can get them
  214. Enforced Census? NEVER happened in America before!
  215. Canadian Mint Loses $15M in Gold
  216. california state budget
  217. If car was banned...
  218. If gun was banned...
  219. How can Obama flat out lie to us and people still believe in him?
  220. Why is Barry "Meddling" in Honduras?
  221. A limit of pirates...
  222. Woman gunned down during protests in Iran
  223. Sell your organs for $$$!
  224. Iran Protest Picture/Video Composite thread
  225. $134 Billion in U.S. Bonds found on 2 Japanese trying to sneak into Switzerland
  226. Can it get ANY worse? BofA?
  227. Stanford Arrested for Pyramid Scheme
  228. Gov't Controlled Health Care.
  229. Stimulus program fraught with waste
  230. Lawyers plan on giving RIAA a swift kick in the nuts
  231. Protests in Iran
  232. Kids attend prom from 'sexual hell'
  233. What's behind Obama's sudden attempt to fire the AmeriCorps inspector general?
  234. DC Holocaust museum shooting
  235. Miranda Rights for Terrorists
  236. a great chart
  237. How the U.S. Surplus became a deficit (spreading the blame)
  238. Peace Loving Muslims Blow up Hotel
  239. Budget plan could doom CalWORKS aid to families, children
  240. "I hate white women"
  241. North Korea sentences 2 American journalists to 12 years in prison
  242. American capitalism gone with a whimper
  243. Mexico Under Siege
  244. wtf, Russia.
  245. Interactive: California budget balancer
  246. watch out for the thought police
  247. You want some news? I got some news for you!
  248. Degenerates Kill Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's Dog
  249. Abortion doctor shot in church
  250. Muslim Convert Shoots Soldiers.