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Miss me yet?

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Miss me yet?,1720194.story

MINNEAPOLIS -- Former President George W. Bush has returned on a Minnesota billboard funded by some people who aren't happy with the way things are going in Washington.

The billboard's tagline: "Miss me yet?"

Office manager Beverly Master of Schubert and Hoey Outdoor Advertising in Minneapolis says the message was purchased by a group of small business owners and people from the Twin Cities area who want to remain anonymous.

Master says the billboard went up at the end of December overlooking Interstate 35 in Wyoming, Minn., and is scheduled to stay up until at least the end of February.

She says her company, which owns the billboard, has not done any others like it.

Wyoming Mayor Sheldon Anderson calls the billboard "rather clever" but says he doesn't know who's behind it.

Copyright 2010, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles

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lmao with all respect hell naw i don't miss you
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Yeah i laughed on this one lol
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This letter is a thing of beauty (even if the language is a bit rough).. You definitely feel the guy's pain! An actual letter to the passport office...

Dear Sirs,

I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this. How is it that Radio Shack has my address and telephone number and knows that I bought a cable t.v. from them back in 1987, and yet, the Federal Government is still asking me where I was born and on what date.

For Christ sakes, do you guys do this by hand? My birth date you have on my social security card, and it is on all the income tax forms I've filed for the past 30 years. It is on my health insurance card, my driver's license, on the last eight damn passports I've had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I've had to fill out before being allowed off the plane over the last 30 years, and all those insufferable census forms that are done at election times.

Would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother's name is Maryanne, my father's name is Robert and I'd be absolutely astounded if that ever changed between now and when I die!!!!!!

I apologize, I'm really pissed off this morning. Between you an' me, I've had enough of this bull****! You send the application to my house, then you ask me for my address.

What is going on? Do you have a gang of Neanderthal asses working there!

Look at my damn picture. Do I look like Bin Laden? I don't want to dig up Yasser Arafat, I just want to go and park my *** on a sandy beach.

And would someone please tell me, why would you care whether I plan on visiting a farm in the next 15 days? If I ever got the urge to do something weird to a chicken or a goat, believe you me, I'd sure as hell not want to tell anyone!

Well, I have to go now, 'cause I have to go to the other end of the city and get another copy of my birth certificate, to the tune of $60. Would it be so complicated to have all the services in the same spot to assist in the issuance of a new passport the same day?? Nooooo, that'd be too damn easy and maybe make sense. You'd rather have us running all over the place like chickens with our heads cut off, then find some idiot to confirm that it's really me on the damn picture - you know,the one where we're not allowed to smile?! (bureaucratic morons) Hey, you know why we can't smile? We're totally pissed off!

Signed - An Irate Citizen.

P.S.. Remember what I said above about the picture and getting someone to confirm that it's me? Well, my family has been in this country since 1776 ........I have served in the military for something over 30 years and have had security clearances up the yingyang..........However, I have to get someone 'important' to verify who I am - you know, someone like my doctor WHO WAS BORN AND RAISED IN INDIA !


You Sure In The Hell Should Know Who I Am.

......................And you want them to run our health care?!?
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wow lol
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Bush was just as progressive as Obama... Dem or Rep, if they're progressive they're unconstitutionally running us into the ground.
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is it possible to rewrite many of the procedures regarding passport and what not?
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I don't care, both Obama and Bush are doing the same thing. Obama much faster and a lot more blunt. Either way, our country is going to be spinning down the toilet for a while.
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We should get a few in every state.
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