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  1. Al Queda WAS in Iraq
  2. Memorial Day Tributes
  3. Here you go...
  4. Ex-pres calls BushJr. the worst in history
  5. Immigration Compromise
  6. Where Do 2 Beers = 130 lashes !?!
  7. Italian Bus Attacked
  8. Critical Mass can suck it!
  9. Memorial Day
  10. Springtime in Islamberg!?!
  11. Make sure you're doing your part
  12. American-born* Chinese still helping ensure China's Future Supremacy
  13. Fort Dix?
  14. Do Democrats get a Corruption Pass?
  15. Professor Forced Out for Citing George Washington
  16. Something you'd expect Bush Jr. to do
  17. Just when you thought the insurgents couldn't get any worse
  18. Obama has already won
  19. Don Imus Sues CBS Radio For Millions
  20. Obama criticizes black America
  21. This is SURE to stir the coals - Soldiers blogs prohibited
  22. Coming Soon to America...Legalized Wife Beating.
  23. Separation of Church & State!?!? Only if it's Christianity
  24. Book Exchange?
  25. Chris Mathews finnally calls out Jack Thompson
  26. ...And here comes the FEAR Card, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
  27. Anyone else feeling this?.....sorry if you are offending anyone
  28. Why does freedom automatically mean we can't have anything that offends us?
  29. Great gun article- Gun-free zones recipe for disaster
  30. Would you go overseas for surgery?
  31. Illegal Logging in Asia: Total Distruction of forests
  32. Virginia Tech... shooter's motivation?
  33. Options in Iraq
  34. Political correctness not helping, says Blair
  35. Don Imus
  36. Y'all ever have vivid dreams of terrorism? Holy cow I had a vivid one last night!
  37. America's most reliable hurricane forecaster says gore is an idiot
  38. Dolphin Slaughter
  39. Ipod stops bullet
  40. Rofl nuke orielly damn near has a stroke..
  41. iran frees sailors
  42. feces throwing teacher may keep job
  43. Housing price roller coaster
  44. Hitler is indeed brilliant. Did you see his circus show?
  45. Interesting Report from one of our Retired Generals
  46. South Korean Main Battle Tank Experimental [vid]
  47. This just about sums it up...
  48. Zimbabwe?
  49. Midnight Company
  50. Bush declares war in Iraq over.....troops coming home
  51. Canadians Raiding Taliban Compound [vid]
  52. Good news from Iraq
  53. Bob Parks: Black & Right
  54. I imagine this one will get eaten up...Rosie says captured Brit sailors a hoax
  55. Liberal fear mongers, so is GW is gonna get us, or will it be cooling/warming?
  56. Iranians angry over "300"
  57. Coming soon:From the same folks that brought you gloabl warming...
  58. Portland Bush, War, Neo Con, Soldier and whatever else protest
  59. Immigration Discussion
  60. Woman upgraded after dying in economy during flight from Delhi to London
  61. FBI: Extremists driving school buses "not a threat" ;)
  62. Global Warming...
  63. Albert Gonzales
  64. Obama vs. Self Righteous Blacks
  65. Halliburton the Great American Company
  66. American Mercs
  67. Change the world...make a prank phone call
  68. FINALLY! A GENIUS WHO GIVES A RAT'S @@S ABOUT THE US! Gates, I love you man!
  69. Libby found Guilty
  70. New nuke testing ground? Hope so...
  71. I think I'm in love with Ann Coulter
  72. Made in U.S.A.
  73. Liberal Bias?
  74. Gore's mistake
  75. Ms. Liberty Spanks Dubya
  76. Semper Fi ******!!!
  77. Jesuit university students hold party, offends Latino community
  78. Austria -> iran -> baghdad the story of a .50 sniper
  79. Should English be the USA's official language?
  80. French Anti-tank Missile [vid]
  81. Blunders by GW part of Stragegy
  82. We miss you OLMEK!
  83. For Global Warming Skeptics
  84. Islamic Attack in SLC??
  85. Russian Army Stories
  86. religion is so awesome.
  87. US Can't do squat about climate change- good article
  88. This thread sucks
  89. astronaut arrested wearing on way to kill man
  90. $12,000,000,000. Gone
  91. Who here thinks the housing market has hit bottom? Realtors wish ahahahaha!
  92. Could there be a "Savage Nation"
  93. Prison... A high school req?
  94. From China to the World - Pollution
  95. New HIV strain!
  96. The most brutal video I've seen in a while...
  97. schools and absences.
  98. Another Biden moment
  99. Letter from A-Stan
  100. It's one thing to ignore the evidence...
  101. Ah to be rich in America!
  102. Axis of Evil Tour
  103. OMG Don't drink the water!
  104. Is it really THAT bad in Iraq?
  105. MLK Party Photos
  106. Best place in the world to live?
  107. NOWAI!! Cheney was involved in leak!
  108. Terror-Free Gas Station
  109. China 1 step closer to kicking our @ss!
  110. _____ For President 2008
  111. Muslims protest 24 TV Series
  112. Is this a case of double speak?
  113. Spank your child, go to jail.
  114. Democrat's plan for Iraq
  115. People b****ing about the passport rule?
  116. Bush won't reauthorize eavesdropping
  117. Barack Hussein Obama
  118. An attack on our shores circa 1941 [Pearl Harbor]
  119. Like the schoolyard...only global
  120. Bah.
  121. Paypal doesn't want slain soldiers family to receive aid.
  122. Thoughts on the 20,000+ troops?
  123. 10-Step Program.
  125. Remember the Subway Superman? My buddy claims to have some background here....
  126. Who holds US bonds?
  127. Military Casualties
  128. Combat Infantryman's Badge
  129. We obviously need more wonderful Pakistani immigrants... on with diversity!
  130. Saddam's hanging: a second look
  131. Idiotic.
  132. Saddam
  133. Afraid to die in combat or vehemently opposed to the war?
  134. Imprezer's country facing changes...and potential catalyzing some as well
  135. President Ford has passed
  136. Iranian officials nabbed in Iraq
  137. Merry Christmas
  138. CO status
  139. Was a fun ride guys...
  140. Osama kills 27 then shot dead in N. India
  141. Japan now teaching patriotism in schools.. why don't we?
  142. GOPs May Get Senate Back!?!?
  143. 4yo suspended for sexual harrasment.
  144. This cracks me up - Hamas promises $50k to dress up Bethlehem
  145. Nice! Katie's Revenge
  146. Private Parts
  147. I think people who evade taxes should be shot
  148. The Patriot Act DOES affect innocent people...
  149. Beirut....in turmoil again...
  150. Then vs. Now [1965 vs. 2006]
  151. The Iran-Iraq connection
  152. Why can't we all be like the Fijians?
  153. Iraqi Donkeys = Happiest in the world? [vid]
  154. Money for the blind!?
  155. Kerry dead last
  156. Peace-sign-shaped Wreath Causes Controversy
  157. 3 Civil Wars Looming?
  158. Hurricane season ends on thursday...
  159. Oh this is going to be good....
  160. Police looking out for human rights of car thief... How nice.
  161. Pimpin... it aint easy...
  162. Breasts on Airplanes
  163. White scholarship
  164. speaking of racist
  165. US Worst Travel Destination
  166. Interesting
  167. Time for some of y'all to take to the streets
  168. O.J.'s new book.....
  169. Democrats B*TCH SLAP Nancy Pelosi!!! HAHAHAAHA!
  170. Joe Conservative.
  171. Police getting crazy at UCLA
  172. SF to eliminate JROTC?
  173. So... What's China up to?
  174. FOX paid $2m to terrorists for release of hostage reporters
  175. Dear Baghdad: Take a lesson from the Kurds
  176. Pelosi supports this?
  177. Not related
  178. Generals taking the opportunity to speak their minds...
  179. Oh noes! not again!
  180. Declining support for the war/Veterans day coming up
  181. Bob Gates
  182. legendary columnist dies
  183. Funny how there aren't allegations of voter fraud when dems win ;), Reps show manners
  184. Staff Sergeant Chris Swanson
  185. A fun read...
  186. The people have spoken and the liberals are already F'n up.
  187. Rumsfield stepping down
  188. Michigan Voters outlaw Affirmative Action
  189. House & Senate... Gone?
  190. Well tomorrow is voting day.... So here is a video
  191. The closing of threads...
  192. Saddam to be HUNG!
  193. Loose Change
  194. Republicans jumping ship
  195. Alarming Realities or Falacy? [silent killer]
  196. When will we wake up?
  197. someone please help our soldiers learn to spell
  198. WTF is wrong w/ Kerry?
  199. Obama 2008?!
  200. This H.r.6166/sb 3930 business
  201. He regrets it?!
  202. Bush as our supreme ruler
  203. Interesting article on our gov. screwing the people to fight their oil war.
  204. Sneaky sneaky
  205. I guess even the GOP is getting tired of 'stay the course'...
  206. Marijuana Really DOES Support Terrorists!
  207. Interesting: Mel Gibson's arresting officer was a Jew.. he had his house raided too!
  208. Finally, the gloves are off and Republicans are gonna kick some democrat @SS!
  209. small aircraft hits NYC bldg
  210. I had no idea - 2660 Iraqi civilians killed in SEP '06
  211. "Army" is now an adjective!
  212. Sanctions against North Korea?
  213. Page said he had sex with foley...
  214. China isn't as nuts as I thought...
  215. Colbert or Coulter?
  216. Letter from iraq
  217. Jihad Videos
  218. Gotta Love Californian Democrats
  219. The offical rightwingers bull**** excuse thread
  220. "Death of the President" Movie
  221. lawl!!
  222. OMG Dow Jones Record High!!
  223. Free weekly Intel reports - Stratfor.com
  224. Funny picture
  225. United 93
  226. Dealer declares jihad on US automaker, Fatwa fridays, and rubber swords for kids....
  227. This is definitely interesting.
  228. Gasoline prices dropped over 30%
  229. Hopes not up - report on OBLs possible death
  230. What would it take to wake us up?
  231. damn pinko hippy liberal media
  232. Where's a leader, today,...
  233. Bush and Ahmadinejad at the UN
  234. E-Voting Machines are Scary!
  235. Thailand - Military Movement in Bangkok
  236. Islam, now the religion of... fury?
  237. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  238. Ridiculous
  239. Why can't we have this?
  240. Our goverment...
  241. Democracy in the middle east
  242. Rwanda government officials get off easy
  243. Iraqi PM visits Iranian Pres.
  244. AmEmbassy stormed in Damascus
  245. U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War
  246. WTF dont they get?
  247. OBL's trail be like Steve Austin
  248. Hmmmm..
  249. Do you all realize...
  250. I'll reserve my comments