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  1. Good flash movie on our national budget
  2. Look at this picture and tell me what you think
  3. Watch this and LAUGH you stupid wankers!
  4. So, what will you be doing when Bush wins?
  5. I love Hitler
  6. Kerry sucks thread.....
  7. Why do Entertainers insist on giving their .02...
  8. Jeremy Hinzman and other deserters.
  9. funny
  10. The fox boys sure is smartar!
  11. Mossad agents busted in New zealand
  12. Strange.
  13. 30 insider memos from fox news proving that they spin things hardcore
  14. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  15. Is I-club getting funding from political groups?
  16. Why does dr3d1zzl3 spew Anti-Americanism?
  17. Left? Right? Or "switch hitter"?
  18. Part 3 conclusions of the series
  19. Part 2 of the interesting posts series (bush's family history)
  20. Oh this is a good series of posts (pt1 kerry's family history)
  21. What are the moderators here for?
  22. France a bit on edge?
  23. Standards of living.
  24. Rational irrationality
  25. Is it a snow plow or the klingons new mother ship?
  26. Video clip on LA taking peoples cars
  27. God Bless the Faceless Coward!
  28. It Is A Sign!!!111!!1!1!!!!
  29. Blast from the past!!
  30. Invade BRAZIL!!!
  31. Great... China gets to use our best weapons...
  32. MCCain is the GOP H4x0rz!
  33. Senate fails to constitutionally ban same sex marriage
  34. Salty's mom is a Democrat!
  35. John kerry quotes thread
  36. Us relationship with the UN
  37. Bush quotes thread
  38. Bush Administration Flip Flops
  39. Japanese school kids to get Radio chips implanted in them?
  40. Info on the US nuclear program
  41. A bit of history on our own chem and bio weapons programs
  42. Good ole fashion american grade A terror
  43. Bush guilty of perjury just like clinton was???!?!?!?!
  44. Bush sound bites (listen to these gems and tell me you think he is smart)
  45. Microchips, GPS, and Mr. Bush
  46. funny clip
  47. Bin Laden associate surrenders.
  48. Isreali to reroute wall in the west bank area?
  49. Bush submits plan to log 58million acres (size of wyoming)
  50. Are we REALLY safer now?
  51. Iraq should be........
  52. My .02 on political forum...
  53. Dre read this !!!
  54. Best Bush Nicknames
  55. What republicans have to believe
  56. Rules of Teh Politics Forum
  57. Our intel justifying war was from a guy code named Curve Ball??
  58. Hey bush lovers you got to see this.
  60. you wanted it... come and get it!
  61. Welcome!
  62. so if dr3's facism post didn't sink in, consider this: