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  1. NYC subway searches - Pros and Cons
  2. I have a forum & Salty fetish (aka ...some democracy...)
  3. Tremendous weekly intel newsletter
  4. 7 Days According to Patriot Act
  5. As hard line as I've ever heard the Bobbies act
  6. Guantanamo Troops Complain To Kennedy
  7. Fatalities mounting
  8. Thank goodness for the terrorist attack today!!! (Patriot Act Extended)
  9. Just because you can doesn't mean you should (guess what group is behind this first)
  10. Your children will be speaking chinese
  11. My illegal immigration solution
  12. A few soild quotes to think about...
  13. Didn't take long to point the finger...
  14. Askmuslims.com
  15. Awesome real-world demonstration
  16. Political compass
  17. Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca
  18. What is screwing up our society?
  19. Ruling about Detainees
  20. Alleged mastermind of London bombings arrested
  21. UN doesn't want U.S. controlling internet-
  22. Oh snap, teh chinese threaten to nuke us.
  23. Fair termination? What do you think?
  24. Douche clean up isle 3
  25. Your fate may rest on "probably."
  26. What the... Yeah, that's it. We condoned it. Riiiiiight.
  27. Bullets dipped in pig's blood?
  28. Dude, we have sharks with friggen lazers!
  29. Golden Horizon Mtg Benefits: Got referrals?
  30. BBC edits out the word terrorist
  31. Liberal Democrats hate this Hispanic for two reasons:
  32. Italy does what we should be doing
  33. Your reaction to the bombings in London
  34. G-8 Leaders Agree on $50B in African Aid and $9B to Palestine
  35. How Fox News proliferates terrorism
  36. Flag Burning Deal Reached- Political Humor
  37. Our image.
  38. Terror Attack In London!!
  39. This is why they are called environmental WHACKOS!
  40. China Tells Congress To Back Off Businesses
  41. You disgusting fat body!
  42. They treated their own far worse.
  43. Politically correct, or polictically RIDICULOUS?
  44. karl rove is the Leak!!! (he blew a CIA operatives cover)
  45. ACLU's next target... the dollar bill
  46. O'Connor to retire from Supreme Court
  47. Lost a friend.
  48. Rip...
  49. The Real Abuse at Guantanamo
  50. And now for something completely different [levity]
  51. What about MLK?
  52. MOH phony gets busted
  53. So what do you think of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
  54. How will Iraq turn out? (In your opinion)
  55. Rummy's defence of the war
  56. A woman's place is in the kitchen
  57. High court OKs personal property seizures
  58. Fighting a hard, half-forgotten war
  59. House Approves Flag-Burning Amendment
  60. U.S. to give North Korea 50,000 tonnes in food aid
  61. How about putting Saddam back in power?
  62. 1788, June 21
  63. Miniature Earth [microcosm]
  64. Saw a bumper sticker today that said...
  65. Here we go again: Biden in 2008
  66. CIA director Goss Claims He Has Idea Where Bin Laden Is
  67. To those of you that don't believe in the death penalty.
  68. Iran's bad...but Worse than Saudi Arabia??
  69. House Passes Bill to Slash Funds to U.N.
  70. Was Sen. Dick Durbin over the line?
  71. The best 'state of the union' analysis I've seen recently (very long read)
  72. Homos and Heteros.. check it:
  73. China Internet Censorship
  74. Poll: USA is losing patience on Iraq
  75. Al franken: “The Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave”
  76. Philly schools to require African history class
  77. Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student
  78. Thanks for the memories, Saddam *tear*
  79. Gang Raped as Punishment? It's 2005 for Pete's sake!
  80. So how does everyone feel...
  81. Non-Saved Republicans, do they exist?
  82. Kinda wish he was in the joint: (Carter/ Gitmo)
  83. Stolen Valor Epidemic
  84. Deep Throat and Genocide by Ben Stein
  85. Supreme Court Rules Against Medicinal Marijuana
  86. 503,000-square-foot insurgent bunker found
  87. Evolution Wars hurting our children?
  88. It wasn't flushed down a toilet, but...
  89. Question
  90. Good Article...what do y'all think?
  91. Good News... Marine Pantano Charges Dropped
  92. The fall of the Euro...
  93. Can you flush a Qu'ran down the toilet?
  94. Many apologies. Non-political query.
  95. Dutch Voters Reject EU Constitution
  96. Deep Throat revealed
  97. Talk about jacked up priorities
  98. WTF!? Less Social Security for higher wage earners.
  99. Undercover Brother.
  100. I guess mom was partially right...
  101. Poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Clinton
  102. Memorial Day
  103. Iraqi Govt to set massive security cordon of 40,000 Iraqi soldiers
  104. When dealing with a mortgage broker...
  105. no bueno
  106. Must read: Leaving the left by Keith Thompson of the SF Chronicle
  107. Is This The Way To Armadillo?
  108. al-Zarqawi possilby injured
  109. Political Correctness run amok
  110. Newsweek at it again!
  111. Tillman’s parents
  112. Car and politics related
  113. Liberal extremist poster child.
  114. Army offers 15 month enlistment!
  115. Bush Vows to Veto Stem Cell Legislation
  116. Shiites Stage Mass Anti-U.S. Protests
  117. Saddam to sue over prison photos
  118. This county mountie got his man
  119. this isnt incindiary... nope... not at all
  120. Went to a hunting club meeting last night
  121. If your steaming hot liberation isn't at your door within 30minutes it's free!
  122. FBI: Grenade at Bush Rally Was Live
  123. The koran/quran
  124. Psychedelic Republicans
  125. Pakistan dismisses Newsweek retraction on Koran
  126. The Koran as bathroom reading? - Was it really worth it Newsweek? You Stupid Heads!
  127. Let them eat cake.
  128. Gay Orbitz?
  129. Well Done Abortion Site
  130. Mayor Ownage is fun!
  131. Just got back from NYC a day ago...
  132. Deadly Uprising in Eastern Uzbekistan
  133. U.S. to pay for illegal aliens' emergency care
  134. Post something nice about the guy you argue with here...
  135. How many child molesters live in your neighborhood ?
  136. Well No Shiet!
  137. Terrorist suspect seeks asylum in the U.S.
  138. Offensive Website (anyone seen it?)
  139. Senior Al Qaeda Leader's Notebook Seized
  140. Tony Blair Cleaned House... Surprised?
  141. FDA set to ban gay men as sperm donors
  142. Cinqo de Mayo or whatever... is this accurate?
  143. S&P cuts GM bonds to "junk" rating.
  144. Teh Destruction!
  145. My nomination for the next Pulitzer photo
  146. Toy Grenades Explode in New York
  147. No Court-Martial for Marine in Taped Shooting
  148. Sidestepping genocide -- crisis in Darfur
  149. Liberals storm SF recruiting station at SFSU.
  150. Abu Farraj al-Libbi has been captured
  151. Iraq's First Democratic Gov't Sworn In
  152. Ntl. Foster Kids Day
  153. SOA is tech suckage!!
  154. Akbar Sentenced to Death
  155. Looks like global warming is legit..
  156. Political cover up isle 3 please..
  157. Sickening Liberalism... beginning of the end
  158. Iraq's Parliament OKs Partial Cabinet
  159. Bush offers sites for new oil refineries
  160. Incredible
  161. When will we actually hear details on a Social Security plan?
  162. Sunnis Drop Demand for Iraq's New Cabinet
  163. Way to go bush administration!!
  164. Am I apolitical?
  165. At Ft Polk, Iraqis teach customs to soldiers
  166. Republicans: Do you agree with the religous right?
  167. Rangers Versus Special Forces: Hostage Rescue
  168. Jane Fonda..0wn3d!
  169. The new military.
  170. Meat Head has lost his head.
  171. Has this place gone to ****? (the right)
  172. Teh Politics Subie Sighting?
  173. Muslim scholar on trial for inciting jihad
  174. Enough of this housing market bubble crap!
  175. 5,000+++ found...
  176. April 15th....Taxes.
  177. Anybody else catch how the insurgents are losing their grasp?
  178. Report Clears US in Sgrena Incident
  179. Agree or Disagree?
  180. Who HASN'T bought it yet?? (Liberalism is a Mental Disorder)
  181. Gas Prices
  182. Caught a little C-SPAN tonight
  183. Sierra Club to finally address immigration?
  184. OMG i am teh sponser!11!one!1
  185. Neighborhood Watch on the Border
  186. Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists
  187. It's a Flat World, After All
  188. Flying flags at half mast for the Pope
  189. Things that make you think a little........
  190. Bill Clinton may be the new Pope!!!
  191. Why are people like this?
  192. "I always put classified docs in my trousers"
  193. My new favoritest college Professor!!
  194. South Park's attemps to tell the story of Shiavo.
  195. Thread of Extraordinary Gallantry
  196. Help me I'm surrounded by hippies
  197. This is so ffffff wrong on so many levels.
  198. Is Schiavo a veg? Tell us what you think.
  199. Is this wrong to say?
  200. Libs smearing Tom DeLay?
  201. Training a Western Style Military.
  202. Out Foxed?
  203. Canada: No refuge for U.S. soldier
  204. This portends difficulty for moi
  205. The Cultural Revolution is here
  206. Foothill City College scandal
  207. The Schiavo Case
  208. Paratrooper who lost leg in Iraq re-enlists
  209. Al Quaeda Frogmen? Let's talk about terrorism.
  210. Court Rules Against California Ban on Gay Marriage
  211. Progress.
  212. Liberalism is a sickness
  213. I can now have two wives!
  214. Phillipines Prison Uprising Quelled in Hail of Gunfire
  215. What the hell?
  216. Columbia Univ. School of Journalism: U.S. Election Coverage Harder on Bush than Kerry
  217. President Bush to Gerry Adams: you are no longer welcome here
  218. Falling Down
  219. These are honestly the scariest people I have ever seen
  220. Hey Peta freaks...I kill and eat animals!
  221. Spanish Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden
  222. Somebody inform me on the Bush economic plan
  223. Bush is destroying our planet!!!
  224. Sailing off the cliff of political conformity
  225. Ann Coulter - I don't want her on my side
  226. Talk about politically INCORRECT - Handicapped Fighting [*warning*]
  227. Giuliana Sgrena's statement
  228. U2 front man to head the world bank?
  229. It's official... GW is a genius!!
  230. Italy Doubts U.S. Version of Iraq Shooting
  231. How's this work out for you guys?
  232. Got an email from an old team leader...
  233. Afghan Leader Names First Female Governor
  234. TV worth watching
  235. Funny Dean Quote
  236. Rolling Stone: Moveon.org needs to Moveon...
  237. Anyone wanna go hate on some haters
  238. This isn't necessarily politics, but I'm curious about your opinions
  239. Iraqi People Protest Terrorism in the Streets
  240. The Cross in Space
  241. Ok, Here we go. Hillary for President?
  242. Taking the same path once again...
  243. Another Zarqawi Aide Captured
  244. Surprise, you're a new dad!
  245. Who said the GOP wouldn't wine if they lost a close one
  246. Dre and Psoper's source finally revealed!
  247. CNN vs .50 Cal
  248. Time to obliterate Syria...
  249. Tsunami = God's Wrath?
  250. How funny would it be to hear "I did not inhale" again