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  1. Well it's been released... Now what's the excuses... LOL
  2. Mission Accomplished!!!
  3. one mans view
  4. Video of Osama with 9/11 hijackers
  5. Clinton Officials Protest 9/11 TV Series
  6. Holy FLIP FLOP Batman!
  7. Your options are:
  8. DOH!!! Lets hear it..
  9. The NAACP owns...
  10. Welp.. the world thinks we are jackasses..
  11. Forecast lowered to 5 hurricanes this year.
  12. So I-Club is a porn site now?
  13. Nations give hezbollah $940M to crush Israel
  14. SF SUV Rampage
  15. Expanding one's paradigm
  16. wtf bush?
  17. A bunch of whackos, or is China/Russia gonna take over?
  18. Israel Purhcase 2 More Nuclear-capable Submarines
  19. New Airport Security Procedures
  20. Awesome movie
  21. best song ever
  22. Doctor gets kicked off flight for muslim prayers.. interesting jihadwatch.com article
  23. Interesting blog post by a rightwinger...
  24. Interesting argument (and law)
  25. Is Bush an idiot? Good collection and debate (video) :)
  26. Bigoted? Go into civil rights work!
  27. tailrank.com - news blog refiner thingy
  28. This looks good.
  29. Another milestone reached in Iraq!
  30. NYC Releases More Sept. 11 Calls
  31. CAIR and ACLU fight to omit "muslim" or "islamic" from articles about acts of jihad..
  32. are they just stupid or what?
  33. If it's spoken, does that make it true?
  34. Was it wrong of the US to eavesdrop this time?
  35. The usual suspects
  36. U.K.: Plot to bomb U.S.-bound planes foiled
  37. I wish Hollywood would stop trying...
  38. 11 Egyptians on student visa just disappeared... tip of the iceburg?
  39. What makes you an American?
  40. Half of the US thinks Iraq had WMD
  41. Oh SNAP! Alaskan oil production snafus = $4.00/gal?
  42. Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut?
  43. Motivational Army Speech
  44. Irony
  45. Global warming stats
  46. Chinese County Massacres 50,000 Dogs
  47. Jon Stewart Smackdown
  48. Got to love evoting machines
  49. Interesting video on iraq
  50. ****ING JEWS! The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world! [Mel Gibson]
  51. Israeli vs. Labenese Death Toll
  52. Min-wage increase as long as super rich get tax break ... WTF?
  53. This is it.
  54. Time to dismantel the U.N. me thinks.....
  55. Andrea Yates Found Not Guilty
  56. Because of the cultural diversity in the Bay Area (English language issues)
  57. Predictions
  58. HAHAHAHA Key Mass Gay couple that sh*t on traditional marriage splits..oh the irony!
  59. sooo israel is at full out war huh?
  60. **** Hezbollah, et al.
  61. Jihadists at work?
  62. probaly not big news out on the west coast
  63. Saddam and Osama [vid]
  64. Do you read the New York Times?
  65. Pre emptive strike against N Korea?
  66. Pearl Harbor if it happened in today's political climate
  67. Who believes the Drudge Report? N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii
  68. California supports Illegals
  69. North Korea tests 7th Missile
  70. North Korea vows nuke response to U.S. attack
  71. Curious as to your thoughts, Russia and Islam.
  72. Israeli POW Policy: DO NOT **** WITH US
  73. Supreme Court on Gitmo
  74. Ward Churchill Update.
  75. A friend from High School was killed in Iraq this week.
  76. When does a story become a security breech
  77. An Inconvenient Truth
  78. Freelance Photojournalist Killed in Somalia
  79. Peace Deal to insurgents? Amnesty? WTF is up with this?
  80. The threat of extremist legal immigrants
  81. North Korea...
  82. When will Murtha be investigated?
  83. Even Lego is outsourcing...
  84. Captured GIs killed... beheaded?
  85. Dixie Chicks
  86. Who thinks tiawan isn't a sellout and wouldn't give our tech to China?
  87. How did the UN turn into marxist crap?
  88. Remeber when you called me a racist?
  89. North Korea - a Russian's perspective
  90. Another Bush blunder
  91. Marine singing video posted on CAIR website
  93. U.S. officials: Al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been killed
  94. Hawaii soldier refuses to deploy to Iraq
  95. some military gear that I think is pretty darn cool!
  96. Somalia/Mogadishu all over again?
  97. What political party do you belong to/support?
  98. What do you guys think of the Washington Mutual Ads?
  99. Vote! (if you don't, don't b**** about the results)
  100. So there's no seperatist movement among aztlan?
  101. Marines in trouble
  102. The Holocaust did not occur
  103. USCERT makes critical infrastructure warning!
  104. Former Marine is the wrong mark...
  105. Oh, so insane diversity programs are dividing India too..
  106. Afgan riots
  107. HD would love this guy
  108. you may agree or disagree, but some of these are pretty funny
  109. Help is on its way!
  110. Katrina: What the Media Missed
  111. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin Reelected
  112. Oh, you mean muslim culture isn't compatible with ours? No Sh*T!?
  113. How does she take care of all of these children by herself?
  114. Pathetic Left
  115. Veterans' data swiped in laptop theft
  116. 2.2 Million US in Jails
  117. Is Google anti-military?
  118. The evolution of math...
  119. Some good news from iraq... for once.
  120. Venezuela stages mock U.S. invasion... how quaint
  121. Lesson from Teddy
  122. About freaking time... the fence is coming!
  123. hella get your koolaid ready...
  124. Hey Dre
  125. Immigration stuff
  126. I suspect HD will be moving soon...
  127. Dobbs to GW: FU on Immigration
  128. Why is socialism so bad again?
  129. La Raza taking over through rabbit-like breeding of illegals:
  130. Funny sign I saw today...
  131. Chris Rock: Who is more racist? [vid]
  132. Iran's Feminist Movement Takes a Hit [lol]
  133. NEWSFLASH: Kennedy involved in accident and nobody died!
  134. .....Its official AZ folks are crazy
  135. Zarquawi blooper video
  136. Caption Contest time
  137. OMFG you are dr3?
  138. Public school students will no longer be able to buy regular soda...
  139. Tasteless Border Patrol Game.. linky
  140. Immigration Protest in SF
  141. A day without white folk, A day without etc.
  142. Check out the film "Invisible Children"
  143. May 1 Day without immigrants going over like Y2K!
  144. YEAH...one day without immigrants! BTW, it's a communist holiday.
  145. Way to go UN!!
  146. So why is Gasoline really expensive nowadays?
  147. Politically Satirical T-Shirts
  148. Don't know what to say.
  149. Mexico making drugs legal?
  150. If mexico had China's leadership and culture....
  151. Argueably the hardest job in America...
  152. At least someone appreciates America
  153. Democrats support Illegal Aliens.
  154. National Anthem in.... Spanish?
  155. The constitution of Medina
  156. Get out the paddy wagons and zip ties... let's round up some criminals!
  157. U.S. to Free 141 Terror Suspects
  158. PNAC 101 deserves its own thread
  159. Border Fence
  160. Will she ever stfu?
  161. Who's to blame for high gas prices?
  162. Gotta love california...
  163. For Helladumb
  164. Oh SNAP! Senior Democrat Ethics official excuses himself for ETHICS ISSUES!
  165. Bush coming to town... how do you report threats or suspicious activity?
  166. Hire an illegal? GO TO JAIL! Finally, somebody is enforcing our laws!
  167. Andrew Card and now McClellan and Rove to some degree...
  168. Joke for HellaDumb
  169. Segregation's Back?
  170. This is my boss' boss
  171. Bill requires gays' history to be taught
  172. Coulter: Hire Illegals to build the U.S./Mexico Wall
  173. Dont kick out foreigners damnit...
  174. Iran making threats?
  175. Generals go after Rummy again
  176. Thoughts on capital punishment in the Moussaoui case?
  177. Comedy Central allows mocking of Jesus, but not mohammed or scientology
  178. Jesus was a Communist
  179. Let's Chemically Castrate HD so he can't procreate!
  180. Some are smokin'
  181. Jury Hears Flight 93 Cockpit Recording
  182. Slippin down the slippery slope of Republican integrity
  183. Greensickle
  184. Pics of last weeks rallies.
  185. Irans nukes.. a Weapons inspects view of things
  186. Dear Mr. President-
  187. ref. politics - proof our Congress must be all jacked up...
  188. WTF is wrong with black people?
  189. But Bush loves god he would never lie!!
  190. HellaDumb thread opinions
  191. No health insurance, Go to jail!
  192. Umm, good job Homeland Security?!?
  193. Thoughts on the racist Congressperson.
  194. Do you think this would incite a global riot?
  195. Minoriteam
  196. "Islam was Tolerant Only During the Mecca Period, When it was Weak"
  197. Interesting article
  198. Thoughts/reactions to the current Sup. Court case Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld (Guantanamo)
  199. I know where Olmek went!!!!
  200. I take it then...
  201. Let's chemically castrate all illegals!
  202. 5th Plane Was to Hit WHITEHOUSE
  203. How many spies in central command?
  204. Chinese company to scan nukes
  205. Are Republicans better in bed?
  206. How to spot a baby conservative
  207. Richard Belzer...another Left Wing Nut.
  208. Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
  209. Good thing we brought freedom to Afghanistan!
  210. Iraq War: A Long 3 Years
  211. Ben Stein
  212. Riddle me this.
  213. Honest mistake.. i swear...
  214. Sell them to the highest bidder? Yes, another slavery thread:
  215. The CJCS is a brilliant speaker as well as a brilliant man
  216. More on the SF gun ban
  217. Shucks, you mean Jews were in Israel >2000 years ago? Say it ain't so!
  218. Who the hell believes this crap!!!
  219. Vaccine to prevent gay birth defect soon- 60 minutes topic
  220. T-Shirts
  221. Pig-blood dipped bullets
  222. What a monumental day....
  223. What a lovely day...
  224. Searchable Online Koran
  225. cultural impact of war in iraq
  226. Reality tv gone racial
  227. Iraq experience- how it will change toppling Iran
  228. Can we officially enslave illegals?
  229. Tired of changing my location everyday...
  230. Streisand: Bush Is Dummbe; Essay Filled With Spelling Errors
  231. Concrete curtain and environmental affects
  232. gpatmac's first few moments of combat - circa 1989
  233. Arab woman sticking it to the Muslim machine [vid]
  234. Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student.
  235. Taliban ambush bbc crew, then are ambushed by police
  236. Catholic town
  237. More misdirection from the Bush White House
  238. 72% of US troops want out of iraq
  239. 1,300 Iraqi's killed in last week of violence
  240. 82nd air"porn"???
  241. What is your opinion on hunting/wildreness/the enviorment
  242. Let Dubai manage the eastern ports?
  243. Iraq
  244. Good ole rummy, and his 9-11 meeting notes
  245. Who are all the guests??
  246. I'm not saying that any of this is true....
  247. Helladumb's posts make kids stupid
  248. UK Party to re-print cartoons
  249. Latino themed cartoons make kids stupid
  250. Death Penalty Cancelled.