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Is it Racism?

Old 09-19-2009, 08:49 PM
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Is it Racism?

Or is The Left just that ****ing stupid?

I'm more than slightly annoyed by the media calling me a racist because I do not like Barry or his political beliefs.

(Former) President Jimmy Carter insiuates that those that oppose Barry are racists.

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Old 09-19-2009, 08:51 PM
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people are stupid
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Old 09-19-2009, 11:42 PM
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I think you are taking this out of context.

Point being:

Many Presidents have spoke in schools. George W. Bush... Clinton... Reagan, just to name a few recent ones. Why was it such a big deal for him to speak to students? A lot of people will not admit to it or even realize it, but they don't like or trust Obama because of his color. This could be done consciously or subconsciously, but it was nto a big deal for him to address the students (just like the Presidents before him).

I am not saying that you are a racist, but there is a point of view that you may have not though of.

Disclaimer: I didn't vote for him.
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Old 09-20-2009, 12:11 AM
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There are words for everything.

The guy yelling out, "You LIE!" to Obama during his speech was correct. There are no provisions in that bill that specifically outlaw immigrants, and Republicans wrote a bill that took all the provisions to outlaw anyone who isn't a citizen.

Then somehow this comment was turned into racism? Awesome, everyone can't take anything without calling it some huge overblown thing (Kanye West).

When conservatives argue something, Obama calls it "Playing politics as usual"

HELLO?!? People disagree on many of the ideas and argue other view points, and somehow that isn't trying to figure out a solution, it's just "playing politics"? There are terms for every thing that is correct, just a pain in the butt when something turns out differently.
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Godwin's law part three.. Any argument against Barack Obama, Acorn, or Decocrat Senators will inevitably degenerate to the opponent being call racist, classist or Bigoted,
and like the Godwins law part one as soon as the Race card is put on the table any legitimate discussion of the issue at hand has ended.
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When people protested W, the right called them wacky pinko commies who hate America.

When people speak out about Obama, the left calls them racist right wing nuts who don't know anything.

So it depends on what team you're on. Either way, it's all bull****. People were being overlly irrational during the last presidential term as well as this one. None of which is helping, except for making a great "news" story about the latest outburst.
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