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Fired for saying "Muslim Garb"

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Fired for saying "Muslim Garb"

Juan Williams, worked more than 10 years at NPR and was fired immediately over the phone after his comments and OPINION on Fox News's, O'Reily Factor.

I'd link more sites... but I'll link this other one of others who were fired for supposedly "wrong" political correctness... <-- ****ing hate this stupid term, America is in trouble for being over sensitive.

My opinion? I gave it, I said when I'm walkin' down the street and I see black guys in "thug" like appeal, I throw up an alert sign because I was mugged before by black dudes in thug appeal. It's a valid opinion. But now you replace black thug appeal or mexican thug appeal with Muslim Garb, it's an offense to be fired WITHOUT discussion? Check out the video of his response about losing his job.

He also responded RIGHT after that comment, that this obviously doesn't include ALL Muslims, as all different things have bad and good people.

Our 1st Amendment is being shat on. I'm pissed because brain washed Liberal Citizens, including the media, NPR (yea right, fair opinion MY ***, and Sucking our tax paying dollars) are allowed to run rampant and trash free opinion because of sensitivity and instead of discussing important issues.

I hate how we as Americans have to watch what we say because of sensitivity. We put ourselves in danger for turning away, we turn our heads away from Hassam, who shot up our military, turned away from the Almost Christmas Bomber, turn away when our military captures a known terrorist who killed Americans and was JAILED for it, we turn away from important questions, we turn away from anyone that is Muslim who has done anything to get arrested and treat him not as a terrorist, but as just a person?

How many people have to die? Half of us? All of us? All of the retards in the White House? Before we finally start talking about important issues THAT PROTECT US.

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I think you're overreacting even more than NPR. Last time I checked, getting fired for saying something stupid on national TV doesn't violate the 1st amendment.

I wander if he got nervous on his flight back home after he lost his job? You know how them damn muslims keep highjackin all our damn planes and whatnot.

Edit: NPR was way out of line for their actions, I just think you're reading entirely too much into it. I understand that most of the comments sent to NPR after this happened were in defense of Williams and critical of NPR's response. (can't confirm that though)

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