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Rumor: Subaru to build new Toyota Celica

Rumor has it that a new Celica is on the way, to be built by Subaru, in whose parent company Fuji Heavy Industries Toyota acquired significant stake back in 2005.
If reports out of Japan's BestCar are to be believed, the new Celica will come in two versions: the base GT, with a naturally-aspirated 2-liter Subaru boxer four driving the rear wheels, and a hopped-up GT-Four version with the 300-hp turbo engine from the JDM Impreza STi and all-wheel-drive.

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hmmm....don't know what to think on that...
almost as bad as the rumored revival of the Nissan Silvia being a Renault...

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I don't want Subaru to be associated with anything called a Celica. I can see it now..."You have an STI huh? Isn't that the same thing as a Celica?" Celica to me means POS.
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yeah i have to say celica is a pos too...

just rename it something else and i'll buy it
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oh noes
not the sillycar!!!
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buy SPTRD parts from toyota or subaru dealers?
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Interasting to see what happens. I hope they dont but ya never know.
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WTF!! This move i think is a horrible one.. That is what makes a Suby a Suby because of its unique HO4 boxer motor.. Now incoporating the boxer motor into a celica..Its just stupid IMO.. Keep a Toyota celica a celica and Subaru Impreza, wrx, wrx STi an impreza..
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tats retarded, celicas blow.
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Confirmed. Could it still be called Celica?

Toyota CEO Katsuaki Watanabe will ramp up his company's affiliation with Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries. (REUTERS)

TOKYO -- Toyota's long-anticipated sports car will arrive in 2011. It will be jointly developed with Subaru and boast a boxer engine.
The compact, rear-wheel-drive " affordable" car will be built at a new Japanese plant to be set up by Fuji Heavy Industries, parent of the Subaru brand.
Each company will market the car separately and badge it as its own.

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