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i-club has lost another member of it's family

It's with a heavy heart that I bring the news of yet another fallen i-club member.

Most of you that are not from the Central Valley may not know him but his screen name is Kindaflush and his name is Joey. He passed in a motorcycle accident last friday.

Joey was a gearhead of the truest sense and he absolutely loved subaru's and the subaru community. He was a good kid. He was a subaru guy after my own heart. Even his screen name hinted to that. Was all about function.

His dad is also a member here and probably the biggest force in the central valley i-club community. He's helped put together meets out there for years now and has really pushed a positive subaru community out in manteca and the rest of the central valley. Golfsick (Ray) is a very good man. I've met him a few times and have nothing but positive things to say about him. YOu might know him from his toy drives. What he's going through with this loss is beyond my imagination. I can't not imagine loosing a child.

The central valley is putting together a special meet this Sat in Modesto. Here is the information...

They're really trying to put on a big meet. Something positive to celebrate the life of a gear head, a subaru fan and an i-club family member.

So if you're free and can make the drive I highly suggest caravaning out there. Get a good group together and the drive will be enjoyable. You'll have the opportunity to meet some members you may not otherwise come across and you'll get to bring a small to the family and friends that Joey left behind.

And whether or not you make that meet there is a fund set up to help raise some money to take care of the expenses involved. Please give whether it's $5 or $100 anything will help.

[email protected] is the paypal linked address.

Life is fragile. We loose members every now and again and it always reminds me how fragile life is. But in all my years on i-club I don't remember anything like this. There are a few father/son member combos on i-club. It's an amazing example of how a positive community is such a heavy part of our lives that we spread it to our friends and family. Joey and Ray have always been positive members of these boards and even more positive in person members of the community.

Ray... I'm really sorry for your loss. Please pass on my condolences to your family and Joey's friends.

Anything I can do to help, let me know.

Godspeed Joey. I hope you find some fellow gearheads to enjoy eternity with. Heck... maybe you're up there with Paul Walker talking about turbo trim sizes and afr's.

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Wow so sorry for your loss.

Most likely will be going to the meet. Anyone want to caravan?
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Sorry for your loss. Hate to hear this happen to a fellow member.

I will also be making the trip.
Anyody else want to caravan from the bay?
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Sad sad news. Condolences to all his friends family and loved ones. Wish I could get the night off work to honor a fellow member, even if I never met him.
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What! I just talked to him recently. Tell his Dad condolences from me.

*Tried to call ya @ 510... but your machine's full. Call me, need to talk about something anyhow and my internet's down thru the 1st. Borrowed Wifi just to post this.
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RIP fellow Scooby owner
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Man, really sad to hear :-(

Does anyone have a photo of him? I'm not sure I've met him before.

Def going to donate. I don't think I can make the meet though.
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that's sad.

i can't make it to the meet tonight.
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RIP Joey, and my condolences to the family Ray.
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My condolences to the family and sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace!
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Damn. I am pretty sure I met Joey once; I think he came with Ray when they picked up some GF seats from me. Nicest people you will ever meet. Very sorry to hear that Ray. Truly wholehearted condolences for you and your family. Sorry that I cannot attend the meet today because I already have a long standing commitment in SF. Donation made.

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i had the pleasure to meet him a couple of times and its with a heavy heart that i offer my condolences to Ray and his loved ones.

First time i meet him he was covered in grease from head to toe working his butt off at a shop where my car was getting work done.

He always wore a smile, especially around cars and he was the type of person that as soon as you meet him you could tell he was genuine and trustworthy.

Hope the meet turn out is huge for him tonight.

God speed Joey, keep boosting bud.

Originally Posted by joltdudeuc View Post
Man, really sad to hear :-(

Does anyone have a photo of him? I'm not sure I've met him before.
2 photos i grabbed from instagram (kindaflush) right is him and his first love and the left was his other love. (white wrx was mine, the wrb one was a forum member also.)

Name:  joey1_zps85548a5b.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  33.6 KB

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Thank you to everyone my wife and I appreciate the support
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Heartbreaking. Praying for you and your family.

May he rest in peace.
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Sorry for your loss and my condolences to his family and friends...

Rest in peace.
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