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The Only Brake Thread, that has ALL you need! Come Check it out for yourself! >

The Only Brake Thread, that has ALL you need! Come Check it out for yourself!


The Only Brake Thread, that has ALL you need! Come Check it out for yourself!

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Wink The Only Brake Thread, that has ALL you need! Come Check it out for yourself!

With so much emphasis going into making these cars accelerate, the important fact of slowing down is being overlooked. Brakes are the most important system on the car, as a brake failure or lack of braking performance can not only be dangerous to you but also to people around you.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are designed to work for different temperature ranges, along with having different initial torque, along with life spans during different uses.

Street: Great low temperature operation. However are not designed for any competition use or high speed braking use. Similar to OEM

Axxis Ultimate Start at 38.21

Street/AutoX: Good in temperaturs above 50 Degrees. Lower then that might have a hard time working until a little heat is generated. However will not fade as fast, and have better pedal feed back and reward you with good braking power.

Hawk HPS Starting at 79.17

Heavy Street Use/ Light Track Use:
These pads will start to show some of the downsides to using a aggressive pad. They will be dusty, along with squeaking until warmed up. However have a VERY good bite, and hold up very well to hard driving. However they are still street oriented pads. So they will fade if overdriven. Also are not recommended to be driven in temperatures under 50 degrees. Great Summer only pad.

Hawk HP Plus
Starting at 102.32
Ferodo DS2500 Starting at 88.73

Race Pads: These are the real deal. No compromise. Brake dust, lots of noise, and heavy wear on rotors. ONLY to be used on race tracks and require ALLOT of heat to get up to operation temperature. Typically 300 degree and higher. However brake fade is not an issue, and you now need to make sure your fluid does not boil. However with a properly set up brake system, these brake pads will stop on a dime and give you change back. Another benefit to using race pads during track days, is they actually last LONGER then street pads at these extreme conditions. Where a typical street pad might last you a track day, a race pad will last you several events!

Ferodo DS3000 Starting at 133.79
Hawk HT-10 Starting at 180.87
Hawk DTC-60 Starting at 180.31
Hawk DTC-70 Starting at 182.97

Rotors are wear items that need to be check every time pads are replaced, and addressed as needed. Replacement units can be purchased as either OEM Replacement, Slotted or Cross Drilled.
OEM replacement/ Full face units are designed to get maximum life out of the rotors.
Slotted are designed to get rid of hot air that gets trapped between pads and rotors during hard braking. Giving a much more consistent brake performance.
Cross Drilled rotors are designed to help dissipate heat allot faster off the rotors, allow for the brake system to cool down faster and stay running cooler.
2 Piece rotor designs are made to help get rid of heat out of the rotor faster, along with keep the heat out of the hubs. By keeping the heat out of the hubs you are able to prolong the life of the hubs.

PowerSlot Starting at 154.13 Per Set
DBA 4000 Series Starting at 236.20 Per Set
DBA 5000 Series 2 Piece Starting at 483.00 Per Set

Brake Lines

Brake Lines are by far the best thing you can do to increase pedal feel, feed back, and performance. The stock lines are made out of a soft rubber from the factory, for cost reasons. However as rubber gets old/ hot, it expands under pressure causing the pressure that should go into moving the pistons to flex the lines. This takes away from the brakes performance, and from the pedal feel.
If doing any sort of hard driving, the brake lines MUST be replaced. As we have seen failure of the OEM lines occur out at the track, forcing devastating incidents to occur do to lost of brakes in high speed sections.

StopTech DOT Approved brake lines starting at 60.80 Per Set

Brake Fluid
Aftermarket performance oriented brake fluid is designed to have a much higher boiling point over Conventional brake fluid. Conventional DOT3 Brake fluid is designed to last a long time, but the down side is that the wet boiling point is only around 400 deg. F.
This means that as soon as you start getting heat generated into your brake system, the fluid will be close to its boiling point. Brake systems can get above 1300 deg. Fer during hard brake use, and that heat gets absorbed by your calipers. When the calipers reach the high temperature, they heat up the fluid inside to the same temperature. As the fluid reaches its maximum temperature, it boils. Causing instant loss of brake performance, and pressure. Causing your foot to slam to the floor, and no way to stop.
Prevent this with getting fluid that is engineered to withstand the heat that these performance machines are capable of reaching.
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid 15.54 liter
-boiling point of 536 deg. F, and a wet boiling point of 392 deg. F

Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid 16.50 500ml
-boiling point of 593 deg. F, and a wet boiling point of 420 deg. F

Big Brake Kit
Sometimes no matter what you do to the stock brake system, its just never going to be enough stopping power, and not enough surface area to dissipate the heat that is generated.
Big Brake kits have many advantages over the stock systems, in the sense that they are designed to handle heat beyond what the stock systems where intended for. These kits feature larger surface rotors, that are able to store more heat, and dissipate it at a much quicker rate compared to the stock brake systems. The Calipers are also larger in size, with air passages to allow for a better flow of air, helping reduce caliper and brake pad temperatures. Along with better caliper external design, big brake kits are also fitted with bigger/more pistons compared to stock kits. By increasing the piston number, or the size the brake force is able to be better distributed over the surface of the pad, giving a much more consistent and better pad contact.
Brake kits are available in several configurations when purchased.
Choices are:
Caliper Size (4 or 6 Piston)
Rotor Size (328mm, 332mm, 355mm)
Rotors (Cross Drilled, Slotted)

These kits are for people looking to get a better all around brake system, for street use and light track use. They are suited to do light track duty, but are not race kits.
If you are in need of Pads, Lines, and Rotors for your WRX/ RS. This kit is a great upgrade. As its only a couple hundred more then doing pads, rotors, and lines.
Brembo STi Big Brake Kit. Front 1,531.20
Brembo STi Big Brake Kit. Rear 1,723.20

Street/Race Kits:
These kits can handle anything you can throw at them. Even dedicated track use. However featuring built in dust seals, and pretty paint. These can quickly loose there cosmetic appeal after a hard season.

Brembo GT Starting at 2,640.00
StopTech Starting at 2,195.00

Race Kits:
These parts are designed to do one thing, and that is to stop you on a dime and give change back. No Pretty paint, no dust seals, no nonsense. These kits are strictly for race use, and will actually hold up better to the extreme conditions that the brake systems are exposed to compared to the Street Kits. The Internal seals on street kits have been know to catch on fire during extreme conditions( Remember brakes get over 1000 degrees), and will cause a issue down the road with the moving pistons. If you have a dedicated Track car, this is the part you need to keep up with the high demands.

Brembo GTR Series Race Brake kits. Starting at 10,560.00
StopTech Race Trophy kits Starting at 3800.00

BBK Blow out!
MSRP 2995.00

STOPTECH 355X32MM 6 Piston, Slotted, Black Front Kit for 1993-2010 Impreza WRX/STI. (will fit 2008-2010 STi However new front lines will be needed).


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Thanks for all the orders

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