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Vladi 10-24-2018 07:19 AM

RIP icrub wed
I guess everyone hates new format enough to never post anymore

stupidchicken03 10-24-2018 09:50 AM

Yea pretty much.....

Chris GTO TT 10-24-2018 10:06 AM


JourdanWithaU 10-24-2018 02:30 PM


IS2Scooby 10-24-2018 05:37 PM

I don't notice anything different. I'm just lazy.

chinabox 10-25-2018 02:44 AM

what new format?

queeg9k 10-25-2018 07:31 AM

New format? I am on chrome mobile browser and it looks normal to me.

04GG 10-25-2018 08:09 PM

I'm in India for a few weeks for work. I have not seen one Suby since I've been here and no time to really hit the forums.

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