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medicSTi 05-21-2007 01:22 AM

wrxtunerd/medicSTi's Project Threads: 2007 WRX (17 WRX, '08 STi, '04 STi, '01 2.5RS)
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medicSTi 05-21-2007 01:23 AM

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Chapter 1.
2001 Blue Ridge Pearl Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

[B][U]Original Post[/U]:[/B]
Up until last summer, I drove a Chevy Silverado. June 2006 was when I bought my first Subaru, a Blue Ridge Pearl 2001 Impreza 2.5RS from Ricky, aka maddhatteroo7. It was put back to stock when I bought it, so I had a blank slate to work with.

Here is a picture of my car on Day 3, the day I would end up crashing...


That night, I was driving late with my girlfriend in the car and long story short, thought I was cool in my new car and didn't take the time to get used to it- so.... I understeered out in the twisties in a decreasing radius turn going the posted speed limit for the turn lol... I hit some gravel as I understeered, droped off the 6 inch shoulder and rode a dirt wall on my girlfriend's side of the car through the turn until I hit a sign, and pulled off the hill before a 5 foot drop into some rocks...

Here is a picture of Day 4 ... The Morning After:


Not too much damage, relative to what could have happened... but enough to make me feel stupid and teach me a valuable lesson early on, one I wouldn't easily forget!

So, lucky for me, my Silverado hadn't sold by the time I had the accident. My car went off to the most baller local body shop for the work and I cruised around for another month in my truck.

While the car was in the shop, I decided to upgrade to a VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood along with Sparco hood pins, the Pink I Badge Grille Emblem, and replace all of my head lights, corner lamps, and foglights (even though only the passenger side was neccessary).

After it came back from the shop, just in time for Mt. Hammy, it looked like this:


I learned my lesson that night, I had almost killed my girlfriend of two years at the time, shown my parents I wasn't ready for a "sporty car," and severely damaged my confidence as a driver. I wasn't even driving aggressively that night, I was just on unfimiliar roads and didn't understand understeer or how my car handled...

So... over the next few months I got into I-Club and RS25, started attending the Fairfield Barnes and Noble Meet every Friday and went from there.

By October I had an AEM Short Ram Intake, a Borla Catback Exhaust, a Kartboy Short Shifter, a GReddy Shift Knob, a new set of Polk Speakers, a 10'' Subwoofer braced in the trunk, and new Toyo Proxes 4 tires.

Here is what it looked like at around that time:


By Christmas, I managed to score a Version 6 STi wing from the RS25 classifieds, a set of Prodrive P1 Springs, a set of WRX pedals, rear spats (that never got installed), and a 2.5RS Badge to make a Grille Badge out of, as well as some yellow Rock Blocker fog light protective film.

Here's what it looked like, before the Prodrive P1 Springs were installed, but with all of the above listed mods:


After Christmas, in early January I installed the Prodrive P1 Springs and got rims off of a 2005 wrx with Kuhmo Ecsta tires. Here are some pictures:




***Special shout out and thanks to my good friends Sam (05 Black WRX) and Tansley (Tanz1983) for teaching me how to install lowering springs, great guys and always willing to help!

Shortly after I got my springs installed it was time for the GST Dyno Day 2007. I took my RS and Mike threw it on the Mustang Dyno. Here are some pictures from that afternoon:



and my results were 134 Wheel Horse Power and 142 Wheel Torque:



*** These were relatively good numbers for an RS with only Short Ram Intake and Catback Exhaust, so I was happy :) Plus there is a picture of my car on GST's website ;) lol

The GST Dyno Day was a cool event and well worth the drive down to Hayward from Fairfield, here are some more pictures of the event:




***One of my favorite pictures is the one with the cop looking at their race car lmao!

Shortly after the GST Dyno Day, my best friend Lorin (RallyTard) picked up a 2000 2.5RS after MONTHS AND MONTHS of us searching for the perfect RS!!! Here's a picture of our two cars parked together in my sideyard before we left for a weekend in Tahoe:


He picked up a 2 Door Blue Ridge Pearl early in January and lucky for him he would inherit some of my parts soon after picking up his car!

At this point I would like to take time to post a picture of our Fairfield Barnes and Noble Meet and thank a few important people.


Just want to say thanks to my girlfriend Jen, RallyTard, Tanz1983, 05 Black WRX, SubieBabe, AdamBombSTi, OranageDot3083, Tamashi523, flipmode, Mr2slow, maddhatteroo7, 4URABUS, Double Helix, STI RUSH, and all the others I may be forgetting at 2AM... for helping me out over the passed year in making decisions and working on my car.

So by the end of January I decided I wanted to sell my01RS and pick up an 07 WRX before the Impreza turned into a hatch!

Here is what it looked like before I parted it out:


...and here is a list of what I had done to my car up until I parted it out:

AEM Short Ram Intake
Borla Catback Exhaust
Prodrive P1 Springs
22mm Rear Sway Bar
Kartboy Short Shifter
GReddy Shift Knob
WRX Pedals
WRX Bronze Rims with Kuhmo Ecsta tires
STi Version 6 Wing
Sparco Racing 4 Point Harness
2.5RS Grille Badge
Pink I Grille Badge
VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood with Sparco Hood Pins
Rock Blocker Yellow Protective Fog Light Film
Tinted Windows
Polk Speakers, 10" Sub, Clarion Deck

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I will update more as time goes on, but it will be pretty chill on upgrades for a while. Hope you enjoyed my story so far, thanks for reading!

vietpunk916 05-21-2007 02:48 PM

Great story! It better not end... lol your car looks great!

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