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stupidchicken03 07-05-2017 09:43 AM

Bay Area Meet 2017 - BAM!
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This post will get updated as more official info is released.

BAM is by far the best Subaru specific show if you want to feel welcomed. It's a grassroots event run by the Subaru community for the Subaru community. It's fun for the whole family, so bring the kids. It's a charity event with a huge raffle full of donated items, from your favorite local speed shops to the big brand name parts suppliers. And every raffle ticket sold funds the charity, not the pockets of the organizers. It's a little friendly competition in the car show. I dare another major Subaru specific car show to raise as much for charity as we do, while having half as much fun. Other shows are run for profit and you can feel that when you go... BAM is all about community.

[B][SIZE="5"]Bay Area Subaru Meet 2017
October 1, 2017[/SIZE][/B]

Doors @ 10:30.
On site food vendors will be open, so eat whenever you're ready.
Raffle times will depend on how many prizes we can get but the last raffle will be just before the event ends and will contain some of the larger items.
The event technically ends at 3pm. You're welcome to stay later if you choose but the event will start shutting down and cleaning up.

San Jose Giants Stadium
588 E Alma Ave, San Jose, CA 95112

After several years of ever increasing attedance at Quarry Lakes in Fremont, we have decided to change venues. We needed a place with larger parking, more space for car show and vendors and an opportunity to better showcase our charity efforts.

[B]COST:[/B] $10 per person prepay. Prices may be higher at the door. Kids under 13 fly free. Paypal payment to [email][email protected][/email] please send as friends and family and send a note with first and last name so we can check you in upon arrival.

Stadium vendors will be open, selling food and beverages, including beer. This solves the problem of people not wanting to pay for food they may not want. Now you buy your own only if you want it.

We can not help these. We are using private property and they have their own fees. We can not roll all costs together with the size and style of BAM.

PARK ENTRY: $10 per car
(See attached photo for breakdown - thanks Dave)

Jacob’s Heart Foundation. They do great work and we're very happy to partner with them once again. Since the current crew took over BAM we have made the charity a major focus. We've increased our donation every year to date and we're really hoping to do that again this year. 3 years ago it was $7,000. 2 years ago, $9,700. Last year we hit $12,500. Let's break $15k this year!

Vendors are welcomed, and encouraged to bring some parts and products to sell on site!

Also, if you want to sell your used parts, have at it.


1 ticket: $2
3 tickets: $5
7 tickets: $10
20 tickets: $25
45 tickets: $50
100 tickets: $100

The stadium has an assortment of fun stuff for kids in the Kids Corner. Check out the bounce house and more.

Prepay will be open as soon as we finalize our design. Check back here for updates.

No outside alcohol allowed. They will have ice cold beer on tap. If you bring your own, be aware that the stadium has their own security staff and you will be removed.

This year's car show will take place ON THE BASEBALL FIELD. Over 50 cars entered the car show last year. Trophies and award plaques to winners. We will have some cool trophies and we'll have some plaques once again. Mainly it's just bragging rights.
We have a separate Private Event set up to keep car show participants organized. If you want to enter the car show, send payment via paypal (friends and family please) to [email][email protected][/email]
Car show entry: $25 for you and your car (you will still pay $10 at the gate to get in, and additional passengers in your car still need to pay $10 entry fee)
Cars will be judged by a panel, you do not need to be present at the time of judging. If you want us to know something unique about your car… Not mandatory but we recommend that all participants put a mod list in the windshield

Best in Show
Best Impreza Coupe
Best Impreza Wagon
Best Impreza Sedan
Best Forester
Best Legacy Sedan
Best Legacy Wagon
Best vendor Car
Best Track Prepped
Best Stance
Dirtiest car
Organizer's Pick


[B][U]No Drones![/U][/B] We are directly in the flight path of SJC airport. Please leave your drone at home.

Don't drive like a moron and you won't have any issues. Do not mess around INSIDE the park. If the security crew catches people doing anything stupid (donuts, etc) they will be removed from the event.

Trash: PICK IT UP. We will have a crew but that doesn't mean you can be a slob. We must leave this place cleaner than we arrive.

If you are interested in being a vendor, please contact us via email. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for a great charity.
Vendor Pricing:
$50 gets you a "media only" spot. This includes your logo on our shirt and your logo on our "media only" slide on the Jumbotron at the park.
$75 gets you your own slide on the jumbotron. 1 tent and 1 car on the baseball field.
$125 gets you your own slide on the jumbotron. 2 tents and 2 cars on the baseball field.
Additional cars are $25 each but exceptions can be made if you're planning large spreads with 4 or more cars, more tents, semi's, trailers, etc. We want you guys to be able to spread your wings and get some cars and products in front of people. Sell some stuff.

[email][email protected][/email]

stupidchicken03 07-05-2017 09:44 AM

The official FB event page:


vaj 07-05-2017 09:53 AM

Feck. I have a wedding I can't miss. Arghhhhh!

Hope everyone has a good BAM!

The Law 07-05-2017 10:44 AM

Bleh!!! I'm bummed I can't make this!

i<3dirt 07-05-2017 10:51 AM

Fingers crossed, there is should be whole lot of awesomeness this year!

Teagleye 07-05-2017 11:13 AM

Can't wait!! I haven't been to BAM since like.... 2010? 12? Ahhh!

queeg9k 07-05-2017 07:21 PM

I think I can make it!

Lowend 07-06-2017 08:38 AM


norcalbro 07-06-2017 09:26 AM

Thanks for getting this posted up for us Thomas.

Vendors, please email ray at [email][email protected][/email]
$50 gets you a media space. So your logo on a slide with other "media" vendors as well as on the shirt, space permitting.
$75 gets you your own slide on the jumbotron. Logo on swag. 1 tent. 1 car.
$125 gets you your own slide on the jumbotron. Logo on swag. 2 tents. 2 cars.

Additional cars are $25 each but exceptions can be made if you're planning large spreads with 4 or more cars, more tents, semi's, trailers, etc. We want you guys to be able to spread your wings and get some cars and products in front of people. Sell some stuff.

Car show prices are getting sorted as we speak.

stupidchicken03 07-06-2017 09:27 AM

;) : banana :

Max Xevious 07-06-2017 10:15 AM


JourdanWithaU 07-06-2017 10:16 AM


Also, may want to note, in addition to no outside alcohol, no outside food as well.

Max Xevious 07-06-2017 10:26 AM

that "no outside food" will be interesting...

JourdanWithaU 07-06-2017 10:33 AM


de_engineered 07-06-2017 11:07 AM


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