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OneManArmy's "N/A" - 1953 Cadillac Sixty Special
Owned by OneManArmy
1953 Cadillac Sixty Special Series 62

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Last updated: 02-15-2011, 05:23 PM
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Location: CA
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Stock 331. Rebuilt and slightly opened up heads. Eelco polished finned valve covers and valley pan.

Troy Ermish custom exhaust with smithy glass packs.
Low... way low.
Stock wheels with custom white walls and 58' caddy hub caps. Will probably pick up some super wide whites and possibly some stock 53' caps.
In process of a rebuild.
Doing some of the interior myself. New black carpet kit. Black and cream painted interior with black pleats and some cream leather. Seats will be custom. Tuck n' roll.

Will be running and amp/ipod set up. All hidden. Few speakers. 6x9's and probably 6.5 separates.

Exterior. Nosed, decked, shaved. Right now the body is in progress. Will be painted dark pearl burgundy with probably a flaked or heavy pearl antique white roof and visor.

Has side skirts.
Air bags.

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